"god does not change the condition of people unless they change what is in themselves"

(quran 13:11)

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about  THE therapist

I am Skye Mariam- a qualified Trauma healing focused Cognitive Bahavioural Psychotherapist and Counsellor based in Glasgow, Scotland. I have Bsc (Honors) in Psychology, a degree in Counselling, and pgDip in CBT with Individuals and Groups. I am also a convert to Islam and a mum to two little ones. (You can read more about the therapy approach I offer in the "Therapy" page of this website).


I am passionate about women's mental health. My specialty is in helping women to heal their childhood trauma wounds, overcome anxiety and build self-esteem through compassion. My place in therapy is to empathize, validate, and support you all while helping you learn some skills and tools to cope with life's challenges. 


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How I Can

Help You

Holding Hands
Trial Consultation

An optional 20 minute Trial Consultation with no commitment to sign a contract allows you to make an informed choice. It is important that you find counsellor /psychotherapist with whom you feel comfortable. That is why I offer a Trial Consultation session. During the consultation you get to know more about me and the therapy I offer before you decide whether or not you would like to begin the your therapeutic journey with me.

Therapy Session
Therapy Session
50 £

During our 50 minute once a week sessions allow me to teach you to help yourself. I will walk side by side with you during this journey of change and healing. Usually between six to twelve therapy sessions are enough for clients with mild to moderate mental health difficulties. After completing eight sessions many clients feel new-found self-worth, tolerance for their emotions, joy, and healing. 

Support Group

I run regular online group workshops on various mental health issues. It comes as a five week Zoom live course lasting two hour per session. The workshops consist of small 5-10 people groups, where participants can discover more about themselves , learn practical skills and tools to cope with life's difficulties. The participants are encouraged to challenge their beliefs, accept all parts of themselves, and develop more compassionate inner voice.The dates will be advertised on the website and Instagram (@faithfullymariam).

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